Gmail Notifications Can Now Be Paused on Phones When Using Computer

Google is reportedly rolling out a new feature that will enable users to pause notifications on their phone when using Gmail on computer. According to reports, the feature first appeared on a limited basis last month. The rollout seems to have accelerated now. The new feature requires users to allow Gmail to monitor their device usage. As of now, users don’t have the option to manually turn on the feature. Earlier this year, the Gmail app on Android had become only the fourth app to hit 10 billion installs. Gmail for iOS also got new widget to let users compose emails quickly in January.

According to 9to5Google, the feature started rolling out in a limited fashion in February. The rollout has reportedly accelerated now. Gadgets 360 was unable to verify the feature as of yet. So, it’s safe to speculate that the feature is being rolled out in phases.

Users can’t manually turn this feature on — they have to wait for Google to offer it via a pop-up notification, asking people to let Gmail know when they are using the device. If you accede, then Gmail will be able to monitor your device usage. Users can control the device action permission under Settings > Security and Privacy > Site Settings > Additional Permissions.

In January, the Gmail app on Android had become only the fourth app to hit 10 billion installs. The email service from Google has been really popular since its launch in April 2004. The three other apps to reach the milestone of over 10 billion installs from the Google Play store are Google Play Services, YouTube, and Google Maps.

Gmail for iOS received a new widget to let users compose emails quickly in January. The Gmail homescreen widget is said to display up to three emails from the inbox and a compose button that allows users to quickly draft a new mail.

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